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Our Purpose
4 Doors is a network of communities on Mission together to make tangible the Good News of Jesus. We seek to equip individuals to intentionally live out the Gospel. Through this we hope to see lives transformed and neighborhoods and cities come to life.  This happens by opening the doors of our homes and lives to invite people in for a conversation, meal, or celebration around our tables. 
Jesus is Lord! We have a zeal for wanting more of Jesus. Jesus is near to us if we would truly listen for the message He came to deliver; His message is one of hope and not despair. He desires for us to find freedom and joy in Him.
At 4 Doors we desire to bring the scandalous good news of Jesus to more people. We understand that you may be searching high and low or far and wide to find peace and purpose in your life. Whatever direction you have come from, the door is open for you here. We believe that God is a loving host, and He has prepared a place for you at His table.